With over 30 years combined service, Morris Flood Associates brings you worldwide project experience including: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Middle East.

2004 GEOTECHNICAL INVESTIGATION for OPC/AEP Muskingum Unit 5 SCR Project, Waterford, OH

Foster Wheeler Power Group, Inc. - Clinton, NJ
  • Addition of NOx emissions reduction equipment, consisting of a selective catalytic reduction unit and ammonia production plant, to an existing coal fired power plant.
  • Performed geotechnical investigation consisting of field exploration (five borings), laboratory testing, engineering analysis, and report preparation.
  • Geotechnical report hilited use of deep foundation systems for heavily loaded SCR columns; recommended systems included micro-piles, augered cast-in-place piles, and drilled piers.

2004 SOIL/ROCK NAIL WALL PROJECT for Proposed Walgreens Store, Scranton, PA

James Gerard, General Contractor - Scranton, PA
  • Site preparation for proposed Walgreens store specified cut along existing road which required construction of 25' high retaining wall. Rock cut during site prep exposed potentially unstable fractured rock with interbedded soil seams.
  • Performed onsite inspection and evaluation of rock cuts and performed preliminary programming of cut stabilization system using permanent soil/rock nails with shotcrete structural facing.
  • Performed final design and prepared construction documents for nail wall system, incorporating a segmental modular concrete masonry unit wall "veneer" facing.


Durrant Construction Company - Somerville, NJ
  • Hospital expansion project required installation of new building foundations adjacent to, and below the bearing level of existing building foundations.
  • Selected, performed design (submitted signed and sealed calculations) and prepared construction documents for underpinning system consisting of anchored steel sheet piling.
  • Underpinning system integrated new foundations with existing foundations to permit load redistribution.


The Law Firm of Hall & Hall - Staten Island, NY
  • 7 year old office building addition was undergoing objectionable settlement resulting in leaning and separation from the existing office building.
  • Performed preliminary evaluation, detailed design, and construction phase services.
  • Performed evaluation of existing structural and subsurface conditions. Provided recommendations regarding remedial action plan.
  • Selected underpinning system, performed detailed design calculations, and prepared construction documents (drawings, and specifications). Underpinning system consisted of 9' long helical piers extending through the 6' thick unsuitable fill layer into an underlying decomposed/fractured rock layer
  • Prepared subcontract packages, solicited construction bids; performed bid review and made recommendation to owner; coordinated final contract terms.
  • Prepared and filed project permits with Department of Buildings; performed controlled inspections and served as Superintendent of Construction


GWS Contractors, Inc. - Jamesburg, NJ
  • Environmental remediation project at private residence required installation of shoring and underpinning support system for 14'-17' deep excavation.
  • Performed geotechnical engineering investigation consisting of soil boring and geotechnical report with recommendations.
  • Performed detailed design of tieback system utilizing helical anchors.
  • Performed detailed design of waler and bracing system.
  • Prepared project drawings and specifications.
  • Provided onsite observation services during construction.


  • Performed inspection of subgrade soils and prepared inspection reports for installation of cast in place concrete pier underpinning system in connection with environmental remediation project at private residence.

2003 LIFTING DEVICES DESIGN for Process Scale Up Facility Project, New Brunswick, NJ

Bristol Myers Squibb - New Brunswick, NJ
  • Multistory pharmaceutical process and administration building complex for which Mssr. Morris was the civil/structural Engineer of Record during previous employment.
  • Performed structural evaluation of cGMP platforms for loads occurring during maintenance operations.
  • Selected, prepared general arrangements, performed design and prepared detail drawings for specialty lifting devices in cGMP areas.

FIREPROOFING OPINION REPORT for Process Scale Up Facility Project, New Brunswick, NJ

  • Prepared professional opinion report delineating application requirements for fireperoofing in rated floor assemblies.


Bristol Myers Squibb - New Brunswick, NJ
  • Solvent drum storage building for which Mssr. Morris was the civil/structural Engineer of Record during previous employment.
  • Prepared project "Record" drawings for civil, structural, electrical, piping, plumbing, architectural, fire protection, and HVAC disciplines based on client provided drawing mark-ups.
  • Drawings prepared using Autocad; hard copy and electronic format delivered at project close-out.


Nabil Assad - Hamilton Township, NJ
  • Foundation and basement wall of private residence failed due to excessive settlement and lateral earth pressure.
  • Performed geotechnical engineering investigation consisting of soil borings and geotechnical report with foundation recommendations.
  • Performed detailed design and prepared drawings for foundation removal and replacement with deep foundation system consisting of 16' long helical piers.
  • Prepared construction bid packages; solicited construction bids; performed onsite construction observation during critical operations.

2003, 2004 SUBGRADE EVALUATION, Fort Dix, NJ

Materials Testing, Inc. - Edison, NJ
  • Performed onsite inspection and prepared report outlining recommended subgrade improvement procedures prior to placing asphalt paving at new warehouse facility.

CORRECTIVE STRUCTURAL WORK for Joint Replace Medical Facility Project

McGuire Air Force Base, NJ
  • Performed onsite inspection and prepared report outlining corrective procedures for fabrication and erection deficiencies in structural steel frame for new medical facility. Prepared detailed corrective work program, and performed inspections of work.

IMPORT AND FILL MATERIAL EVALUATION for Middlesex County Landfill Project - Middlesex County, NJ

  • Provided consulting services for laboratory testing of various soils to be used onsite as landfill base and cap material.


IPS (Integrated Project Services) - Hillsborough, NJ
  • Renovations to pharmaceutical building HVAC system required replacement of existing roof mounted air handler.
  • Performed evaluation of existing roof and dunnage frame; prepared demolition and new steel arrangement designs for new HVAC unit.

2003 COMMUNICATION STAIR ADDITION for office alteration project, Florham Park, NJ

Burgess Steel, LLC - Englewood, NJ
  • Performed engineering design, code analysis, and structural steel shop drawing review for new "communication" stair, connecting existing floor to floor office space.

ENTRY MODIFICATIONS for Bank of NY Data Center alteration project, Somerset, NJ

  • Performed engineering design and structural steel shop drawing review for new building entrance proposed through existing precast concrete exterior wall panels.


Tetra Tech EM, Inc. - Rockaway, NJ
  • Addition of telcom equipment to the roof of the Swiss Hotel in Manhattan.
  • Provided onsite professional engineering consulting services; directed field investigation of existing roof structural system, and recommended modifications to previously designed equipment support platform.

Additional project experience, listed below, acquired through previous employment with Foster Wheeler.

1999 - 2003 Preliminary Design, Final Design and Construction Phase Assistance for $180M Pharmaceutical Process Scale Up Facility

Bristol-Myers Squibb - New Brunswick, NJ
  • Designed multistory process building, chiller building, substation, tank farm, warehouse, pipe racks, and ancillary facilities.
  • Developed cost saving site preparation program to address existing onsite construction and utilization of onsite "problem" soils.
  • Utilized combination drilled pier and spread footing systems.
  • Utilized semi rigid moment frame with composite framing system for process building.
  • Employed damage limiting construction to address deflagrations in process areas, utilizing reinforced masonry and metal framing systems
  • Addressed cleanliness/cGMP criteria in product finishing areas through detailing and use of stainless steel.

2002-2003 Preliminary Design/Site Programming for $300M Gas Fired Cogeneration Facility

ExxonMobil - Beaumont, Tx
  • Prepared technical scope documents for IFP packages.
  • Solicited quotes for civil and foundation works
  • Developed soil parameters for dynamic analysis of turbine foundations.

2001-2003 Preliminary Design, Final Design, and Construction Phase Assistance for $400M Combined Cycle Gas Fied Power Plant

Lower Mount Bethel Energy - Martins Creek, PA
  • Developed cost saving foundation program to address "Karst" limestone solution cavities.
  • Worked closely with site preparation and blasting contractors to address problematic site and subsurface conditions.

2002 Roof and Structural Evaluation Report for BioPharm Renovation in Existing Facility

Laureate Pharma - Plainsboro, NJ
  • Evaluated existing building and proposed structural upgrades for addition of roof mounted equipment.

1999-2002 Preliminary Design, Final Design, and Construction Assistance for retrofit of SCR systems into four separate Coal Fired Power Plant units

Carolina Power & Light - Roxboro, NC
  • Performed dynamic analysis and formulated concrete repair program for existing ID fan foundations.
  • Utilized creative and cost effective foundation solutions to address constraints within existing facility: Drilled piers, micro-piles, spread footings.
  • Designed ammonia storage tank foundations, retention dike, ammonia rail and truck unloading facilities, and pipe bridges.

1997-1998 Preminary Design, Final Design, and Construction Assistance for $2B Grass Roots Refinery Complex Site Preparation and Estimate Phases

Sincor - Jose, Venezuela
  • Prepared heavy haul route study encompassing evaluation of existing dock facilities, bridges, and roads.
  • Prepared construction documents for new heavy haul route bridge.
  • Performed condition survey of existing bridge; established bridge repair and underpinning program.
  • Established and implemented 1M cubic meter site preparation program; features included rigorous soils testing and field monitoring programs, routing and design of creek relocation channel, design of 20m span bridge.
  • Monitored technical performance of local engineering firms. Subcontracted additional local specialty engineering contractors to assist with aspects of onshore and offshore evaluations.

1998-2000 Final Design and Construction Assistance for $500M Coal Fired Repowering Project

JEA - Jacksonville, Fl
  • Developed a cost saving ground improvement program utilizing stone columns as an alternate to pile supported foundations.
  • Utilized drilled piers to support ancillary systems.